Tradition and Innovation

In the early 80s VERTEX focused on services for manufacturers of coffee roasteries and grain mills and moreover services for manufacturing industries. Still today these key industries build an essential area of operation.
In the cause of years Vertex enlarged its international area of activities to a share in  business of 45 % of international projects.

During the 90s amongst others Tetra Pak GmbH & Co.KG became client and required inspection, maintenance and repairs of bottling machinery and packaging machinery.
In the past years VERTEX enlarged its scope of services further on and today the service range includes industries like:

  • Extraction Technology
  • Packing Machinery and Palletiser
  • Plants for Confectionery Manufacturers
  • Beverage Industries

Productive industries like breweries, coffee roasteries, fruit juice industries, dairies, industrial bakeries and many more form the circle of our clients. Pharmaceutical manufacturers and Logistical Contractors are the latest group of clients that joined us and request our services.
Our clients appreciate our quality, flexibility and project management – this might be the reason why 60 % of our clients trust in our services since more than 16 years.

We grow on new challenges of international markets and serve our clients individually.